Priest-in-charge of St Philip with St Stephen & Sacred Trinity, Salford and Area Dean of Salford

Andy has lived in Salford for many years. He was Vicar of St Ambrose and Team Rector of the Pendleton Team before moving in May 2004 to the two parishes in Salford that are next to Manchester City Centre. Andy is originally from the Deep South and still supports West Ham, which at least helps to keep him humble (along with remembering that he failed his driving test 4 times!) In his spare time Andy enjoys spending time with his wife and three daughters, or watching films, listening to music or cycling. Andy was also on Salford City Council for 10 years, representing Langworthy Ward, where he used to live. He believes that Christian faith is liberating and life enhancing and open to all. Andy has done most of the work on this website – so it’s him you need to blame for the bits you don’t like!

Andy recently started a blog. Not much at the moment but perhaps it will grow!